There's 2 more videos on my youtube channel.

The mustang is going through an extensive rebuild, here's some videos:

Follow the progress of the Mustang as it gets turned into a LPEpower product on my twitter feed and on LPEpower!

The challenger suspension is excellent atm, however there's one tiny problem. In order to get the rear suspension aligned with the rear fenders properly, i will have to offset it somehow by half a stud to either front or back. You can see it in the pictures how its either too close or too far away from the bodywork. I'll keep you posted.


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I am finally satisfied with the rear suspension geometry. So i decided to post some pics here.

You'll notice, the lack of the turntable differential. What we have here is a heavily modified previous generation diferential, with 4 double bevel 12 tooth gear halves. The normal thin 12 tooth gears just don't hold, they break and the teeth get destroyed almost instantly. We'll see how this holds up.

The suspension is multilink, and has precisely the same setup as the original challenger rear suspension. When the suspension gets compressed the rear toe arm causes the wheels to gain a slight toe in.

More pictures

Here's some parts that i do not need and have decided to sell:
3 blue pneumatic air tanks
10 grey driving rings
4 9V buggy motors
Mega suspension pack

I was made aware that brickshelf user corrado made a shelby version of my mustang. I'm flattered. Though he should maybe look at the revised version, which is 1.5 kg lighter and much better. :)

Link to brickshelf galery

I finally have something resembling a multilink for the challenger. IN the pictures you can also see the suspension fully extended and fully retracted. In the retracted shot, the wheels steer to the inside. It looks a bit much, but this is the extreme position. The difference between fully extended and fully retracted is more than 3 studs. The suspension of course is rock solid. No slack or twisting.

Image galery

I thought i'd post some last updates from 2009. The front end is almost done. I only need to rebuild the steering rack once more, to get rid of some annoyances and make it less parts consuming. Untill then, enjoy.

Link to gallery

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