This is power without control. The mustang crashed after making a wrong turn. HERE is the gallery of both pics i took from the unfortunate event. All of the Mustang LPEpower V8 driveby videos were made _after_ that crash. The engine that powered it, can of course be bought on LPEpower.


crash testing

i suggest taking crash tests with your car. right now i am constructing a new sport car chassis and am crash testing it. its doing pretty well!

if you can't really remember that well how most of the front pieces are positioned, i wouldn't conduct these crash tests. but if you do, the crash tests in the end prove to be very useful! (believe me, i've wrecked a ton of cars, and seeing that this car is performing well is a happy sight indeed!) crash tests are also a way to prevent these events, or at least make them not as bad.

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I know. That was not my intent.

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