Finally a V8 that you can buy!

So, there it is. You can finally buy a perfect LEGO V8. Go and check the new V8 on LPEpower!



I can see that this engine has the rounded bottom pnuematic pieces and I have a bunch of those but I don't have any flat bottom pnuematic cylinders so I was wondering if there is instructions or going to be instructions for this.


Of course there will be NO instructions for this.


i was wondering:
would 100% silicone shock oil (WT 32.5) work as cylinder lubricant?


Personally i use Cyclo silicone spray. It's the easest to work with, especially with the long nozzle that attaches to the spray cap.

Alternative valve-trains

I'm not going to insult your intelligence and ask if you tried other alternatives but how does the other set-ups compare? I'd be very interested to know for example how the camless valve-train performs, what difference is there between using pushrods and using the idea on the yellow I4 Ivan posted on youtube?

New V8 has the optimum valve train

Of course we tried other configurations, it took us months to fine tune everything, the result is the BEST V8 ever. It is the smoothest V8, strongest and fastest, it is also very compact, especially lengthwise, only 15 studs.
We tried different pushrods, pushrod actuated rockers, of course if we could we would have offered it with my camless valve train (the custom built yellow I4). Unfortunately that I4 camless is not V8 compatible. It can potentially be done but it would mean compromising the block symmetry.

Trust me DonkeyKong, this V8 is optimized, a lot of effort went in it, it will hardly get significantly better than it is now, nevertheless we will always tend to make a better successor.


Inline set-up

So the camless valve-train on your yellow I4 would be ideal if it could be interpretted into a V-block? Or would this valve-train still be optimal for an inline 4?

I'm not asking what the best set-up for the V8 is nor the I4. I'm just curious as to what is THE best valve-train hypothetically, if there were no restrictions, what valve-train would put on every single engine?

Valve train

Yes, camless yellow I4 valve train would be ideal for and 90 degree V8 if there would be no restrictions. The current pushrod actuated rocker is the next best thing and that would also rock in an inline configuration.

Yeah, non Lego rotational valves... but if we are fair and stick with Lego valves, if there were no restrictions, sys camless V6 setup is what I would want to have in every single engine.
The development however continues :)



Rotational non-lego valves.

Rotational vales

Non-lego valves take the fun out of it.

I'm guessing the problem with camless valve-trains is that the tubing get's complicated. This method on the V8 looks very clean and tidy. I still don't see how you managed to squeeze that 12 tooth double bevel in between the 36 tooth gears though, keeps going through my head :)

So to sum up you're saying that a camless valve-train is best for inline engines, and a rocker arm valve-train is best for v-engines?


No. It all depends on the specific engine.

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