Inline 2 cilynder pics

Here is the link to some pictures of the small cilynder inline engine, showing the scotch yoke switch mechanism. I will run the engine tomorrow a bit more and see what i can get out of it, before abandoning it. Small cilynder engines have not enough power. :(


hello, i realy like your


i realy like your projects and downloaded all of your 'manuals' for building the engine's.
i only have 1 prbolem:
i only have 3 of those pomps (the air compressing thins, don't know if this is the right word)
So if you can, can you make a manual of this inline 2 cilynder? so i can finaly make 1 too :p


no pumps

The inline doesn't use any pumps. Those can't act as cilynders. It uses the small cilynders with 2 inlets. I have already disasembled the engine. Sorry.

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