V6 development

The V8 is officially dead. Here's the first bits of the v6 development. I made a video of how smooth the mechanicals of the new engine turn. The switches and cilynders have been removed, so i can fix some leaks and fine tune all the piping.



I noticed you've gone for a double camshaft set-up, what happened to the push-rods being the better choice :S. Anywho, one thing that you can do with a 60 degree camshaft is you can position them both so that the glued 16z clutch gear is not needed. If you turn one of the camshafts so the cams still line up, you can get the teeth on two normal 16z gears to line up too.

Just a suggestion.

I love the internals of this engine though, they turn so smoothly. And the added bonus of this crankshaft is that there are four 1x2 liftarms instead of two at each bearing, giving it strength. Nice work :)


I'm just experimenting. I reckon there's not much difference between the double cam and the pushrod. But the double cam gives me the advantage of having the tubing in the V of the engine. With the pushrod, there's no room for the tubing there, and the intake needs to be bigger and longer. The main problem as i found out are leaks in the system. Specifically leaks in the modified switches.

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