1760 rpm development V6

Some new V6 development news. The engine here runs bad. I had a V6 already running 1920rpms, but then i made a different air intake, and i belive it has some leaks, which make the engine run slower. Also, the switches leak badly, but they're good enough for about 2000 rpms once the leaks in the air distribution will be sealed. After the leaks are debuged, the engine will receive masterfully modified switches. (Thanks Ivan). With the switches it should hit 4000+ rpms. I'll keep you posted.
Video below the JUMP


Do you have some pics of the

Do you have some pics of the sliders/ "camshaft" set up, and any details of the "masterfully modified switches"?


I have pics of the sliders. Will post them soon. But as for the switches, you have to ask Ivan. I can only shoot pictures of my un-mastefully moded ones, which leak air all over the place :) And i'm surely not gonna dissasemble ivan's. :)



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