The V6 is running 2480 rpms

It is almost the same engine that ran 1940 rpms. The difference here is not in the engine itself, but in the compressor and piping leading to the engine.

There were several leaks, and there was 1.5 liters of sludge in the compressor. All of the connections from the compressor to the air pistol have slight leaks, and the pistol still leaks, so i'll be replacing all of this this week and i hope it'll raise the rpms even further.


Air inlet system

I think you can boost your engine even further by taking away the short thin pipe at the end of the air inlet hose from the compressor. I myself built a v2 engine, which did just 600 rpms on 4 bars ( with a bottle, not a compressor). Then I changed the hoses to the valves and now it does 1100 rpm on 3 bars.

rotation sensor

i am speechless except for one question: where did you get the yellow rotation sensor?

rotation sensor

From lego... Though sadly they don't sell them anymore. :(

rotation sensor

well that sucks!

rotation sensor

Indeed it does. :(

re: rotation sensor


i have recently purchased a rotation sensor off of bricklink, so that is one problem solved!

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