LPEpower has gone live

It's finally here. The lego pneumatic engine store, LPEpower. It's a collaborative project between me and Ivan. In the beginning we are selling only inline engines, but in the future we will also offer more complicated stuff :) For now, enjoy the store and do buy some engines. I need new tires for my car! :)



I managed to exeed the 2500 RPM bareer!
I've just ( five minutes before) built an big -one -cylinder that reaches 2800 rpm on LESS than 3 (!) Bars (around 2.9 Bars)
Now I can Built my own inline Engines!


It runs 3140 @ 3.3 bars (and now i've built a new engine with a small cylinder that goes 3440 @ a bit more than 3 bars)


Nice :)

is it ok . . .

is it ok with you guys if i post the videos of the inline engines runnig on my website?


As long as you provide a link back to us, it's perfectly allright :)


well, thanks!

Considering buying an engine . . .

I'm considering buying an engine and have a few questions about the products:

  • Are instructions included?
  • Do the engines come pre-assembled?
  • Does the LPE Power Inside logo come with the engines?
  • Does an air tank or compressor come with the engines?

Ready to run - Fully assembled

Engines are fully assembled so there is no need to include instructions. They are of course fine tuned for their optimum performance and tested.

The goal is to have the 'LPEpower inside' logo in a form of a sticker on the boxes that engines will be packed and sent in. We are working on printing the 'inside' logos for the boxes, for now we are still shipping without any 'LPE power decoration' on the boxes :) Also we plan to have small LPEpower sticker sheets for the LPE powered MOCs included with the products, but that will have to wait a bit.

Air compressor does not come with the engines. Air compressors with various tank volume and power are nowadays available in every hardware store, and they do not cost much. One can get a good quality 24l tank electric compressor for less than 100 euro.


Re: Ready to run - Fully assembled

I was also wondering how much tubing is included with the engine?

Re: Ready to run - Fully assembled


speed computer

does the yellow speed computer come with the engines?

Speed computer

Unfortunately, no. Lego stopped selling them and they're hard to come by and pretty expensive.

Re: Speed computer

Bricklink users sell quite a couple of them . . .

limited supply

Yeah, but the supply is limited, and prices will probably start skyrocketing.

Switching mechanism

i was just wondering about the switching mechanism in your engines: how does it work? and can you also post some photos of the engines on here? i would like to see some photos of the 'double cam'

Double cam

All there is to the double cam can be seen on the product pics. There is no big secret to it.


I think this is a great Idea , but i think that 300 Euro are too much for the Engines. I think, with 100 Euro yu can still make profit ( But I dont know how much the parts cost)

P.S.: I've built a 1-small-cylinder engine wich runs 3000 rpm on 4 bars.


100 euros don't even cover material costs. Then there's additional labour required to modify the parts for high output.

SYS LPEpower inlines!

Perhaps we should mention that LPEpower inlines are SYS - Scotch Yoke System - operated and are the strongest inlines ever designed, both based on my new V6 SYS revolutionary concept! I wish I had one of those inlines powering my Opel Rekord :)

Enjoy the LPEpower store!


Re: SYS LPEpower inlines!

AWESOME! i built a model of a sys engine (sadly, without the pneumatics, because i don't have any) and it works much smoother than my model of a v2

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