Mustang + SYS inline 3 cylinder video bonanza

In the midst of winter i took the Mustang out for a spin. Yes i still have it assembled. And again it proved to be very usefull. I installed the newest LPEpower engine to test it out and showcase its capabilities.

Keep in mind, that the Mustang weighs 4.2 kgs. The car freewheeled quite a few times when it drove over an ice patch or snow, and there's also two videos of a burnout on ice. More videos on the youtube chanels of LPEpower and nicjasno.


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Hello nicjasno,
i've got a problem : I cannot registrate in the forum because it always says: "sorry, but this email adress has been banned".
I've already tried out three different email adresses, but its always the same.
Can you say me what the problem is?

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Mail ne the email address and i'll check the ban list. We had a couple of mail addresses banned due to spammers. But there were just too many.

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