New pics of totally rebuilt Mustang

HERE you can see the pics of the now totally rebuilt Mustang.

There's not really much left from the car that was first presented here in 2005. Since the previous rebuilds i completly changed the chassis structure. The chassis is now much lighter and much stiffer as you can see on the pictures. The front suspension has been fully optimized. It's a multilink macpherson setup and is very precise. There is no more wobble or air in the front suspension. Everything is perfectly tight, even under load.

Same with the rear. The live axle is now a very solid piece of engineering. No issues anymore. It's suspended on straight trailing arms on the underside and triangulated arms on the top of the differential. This means that it no longer needs a panhard rod. Since it's suspended with bionicle ball joints, just a sthe front, there is no slack in it and it's perfectly stiff, moving only in the directions it's supposed to.

The car as seen in the pictures weighs only 3.9 kilograms. The engine and cardan weigh a bit less than 500 grams. This means that a drive ready car comes to just 4.4 kilograms, which is really great.

In fact, the car is now so efficent and fast when driving, that i have difficulty controlling it. Not because of the electric cable and the air hose, but because i use a simple 9v battery box with 2 buttons to control left and right.

Since the car is now very sensitive to direction changes, this method of steering has become impossible to contoll. It simply cannot react that fast. What is needed now is a radio controlled servo motor. Which will be yet another step to fully r/c the car. The final step will be to add an internal air tank. But this step comes after all the other issues have been addressed.

Untill then, enjoy the pics. And before anyone asks... there are NO instructions and there won't be any. Let the pics be your guide and inspiration.

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