Turntable differential

While building the new differential for the challenger (same one as in the mustang), i decided to make some pictures for everybody who would like to know how the insides of the diff look like.

It's heavy duty and was developed to propel the Mustang, powered by the LPEpower V8.

Update: I uploaded better and more pictures to the gallery. Shooting on a dark cloudy diffuse autumn day sucks. There simply isn't enough natural light. And i don't have enough lamps here to make the pics brighter. Sorry.


Great work

The diff looks good, nice to see you've created a 'how to' part of the website to show users how components are made. I don't quite understand the logic behind the change to the studded centre from the previous set-up however. Does it really offer a noticeable advantage?

Studded center

It adds more reliability. In terms of function there's no difference. Use whatever you feel more comfortable with. But i don't like to leave things to chance where it's difficult to access. Because essentially if something goes wrong there, you have to dissasemble the whole thing. :)

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