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Old pageOld pageYes. Nicjasno.com is back. It's 10 years since i started my online presence, and about 6 years since the last style change. The site was also terribly out of date, so it was time for a change.

The new site is still far from finished, but i will quickly go through all the new goodies that are there. Since the site is now managed by a CMS (content management system) software called Drupal, we have a plethora of new functions.

First, the front page will be devoted to articles about lego from around the internet. Consider it a news portal like slashdot.

Second, you can post comments on ALL stuff on the page, including articles, pictures, movies(when they are online again), instructions, whatever i decide to put online....

Third, the image galleries. So far, i coded the image pages by hand, which was very time consuming and ugly, and it was the main reason that i didn't feel like updating the page very much in the past 2 years. Now image uploading is easy, fast and galleries are created automatically.

Fourth... The forum and the main page have the same design now, but use a different database, since the Drupal CMS has a very primitive forum module, and i just like phpBB, despite its flaws. This means, that if you are registered on the forum, you have to create a separate account to post comments on the main page and vice versa.

Fifth and final. Site displays weird in internet explorer 6 (internet destroyer 6). Maby Robin will fix that, maby not. In any case i suggest that if you're an Internet explorer user, start using a proper browser, that supports web standards, like Opera or, my favourite Firefox.

If you happen to stumble on any good lego news, that you think might be interesting to others, feel free, to send me a link, so i can post them here. Those that will submit many news, will get the rights to be able to post news articles themselves. (i still have to write the guidelines for this :) ).

Anyway, have fun with the new site.

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