2000rpm barrier broken!

Yes, yes folks somebody broke the rpm barrier with an amazing 2500RPM's! It's ivan with his very nice and compact small-cylinder 4-inline engine.

So... congratulations to Ivan who broke the 2000 RPM barrier.

Enjoy the video of his engine in his brickshelf: Link


single acting

have you tried to make single acting engine?remove hoses from upper inlets.you will get less power but may get more speed.please try and reply

I doubt one would get more

I doubt one would get more speed, therefore, I see even less reason why should one compromise power, which is infact the main thing I am after for, to get some power from the small cylinders. My goal is to make as efficient engine as possible, to get out as much speed and torque on a certain pressure, 3 bars to be precise.

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i suggested this cuz i built

i suggested this cuz i built a radial engine with 6 single acting and after that same one butwith 6 double acting,and as i could see first was faster. i got idea from [url=http://www.fifth-r.com/cssoh1/index.htm]fifth-r.com[/url] where i saw mr.paul krieg's comment on his engine: "This engine is very powerful and runs very fast. It can easily be made double acting but then it will run slower and is so powerful that you can damage some Legos." which i had to try out...and he was right.but you are completely right about aiming for the power

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