Challenger front suspension

The front suspension mockup you can see in the pictures i added to the gallery shows the final version of the suspension i will use in the Challenger. Never mind the structure of the "chassis". It's just a quick mockup, to attach the suspension onto something. It has a short upper arm and 2 long lower arms (SLA type) and resembles the original suspension. If i can, i will also include an anti roll bar.

The steering is perfect too. The wheels are perfectly straight and the geometry enables perfect ackerman angles. It also straightens the wheels automatically when driving and applying a little weight to the front wheels, just like it should. I'm very pleased with it. Now i can go on to develop the final version of the front suspension bridge. Click on the pic to go straight to the gallery. Comments welcome.


Looking good.

Very good Alex, I hope you're using something stronger to mount the suspension to? Cause this is very weak.

Keep up the progress. (Then I'll do the same with Ldraw;) )

What do you mean by "weak" ?

What do you mean by "weak" ? The upper structure is just a mockup so far, so i had something to attach the spring and upper a arm to.


Oh ok. well this was what I meant. Anyway if you're going to make the "final" chassis I don't think there will be so much space left for the engine. It will be enough however, but not like it's all empty. If you get what I mean.


I have a v8 enhine block here... i checked and rechecked all clearances. There's plenty of space. It won't be too tight. Actually there will be much more room than in the mustang. First, becaue there won't be any bricks on top of the cylinders (which makes for a more than 2 studs narrower engine block), and second, the steering mechanism is much much more compact than in the mustang. Also the whole suspension bridge takes up less space. So go figure.


I didn't said it was to tight, I said you won't have plenty of space once you've strengtened the chassis so it can cope with the suspension forces.

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