Rear suspension done

The rear suspension is in its almost final form. I will probably have to do minor alterations once i start to make the body, so it'll attach nicely. Till then enjoy tyhe pics.


Very nice!

At first is seamed to me like the wheel hub is a bit too big but later on when I saw the whole module with wheels, excelent! The wheel hub looks very strong and you did a beautiful job with angled liftarms!
I suppose that the wheel as it travels up slightly changes the camber angle? Of course negative, it looks like that from the pictures.
As for the mounting points, I know what you mean, I started on the chassis few days ago and since then I rebuilded the front suspension half a doesn times, it is only neccessary for things to be done properly.

This is with no doubt gonna be a impressive model, btw it looks like 1:5 scale, or maybe 1:6?


It not only changes camber angle, but when it travels up, it also gets a slight toe out, which helps steer the car (one of the main advantages of a multilink suspension).

As for the scale, i have no idea. I'll tell you once i start measuring the wheelbase.

Toe out as well! Now I like

Toe out as well! Now I like it even more, I know about the advantages of a multilink suspensions. A slight toe out, it is delicate to achive but it looks like you managed to do exactly that by using the angled liftarms.
I like realistic and "alternative" concepts, this suspension fits in that category!

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