Chassis test

I assembled something resembling a chassis, so i was able to fit the gearbox and driveshaft in between the front and rear axle module. Tested it with the engine.

Resume: I need a new differential. The force of the engine tore it apart. So i've built a new one today, which is even better than the one on the pics here. And it's able to take the force without problem. The gearbox works flawlesly. Engine lacks speed. But that's no news to our regular readers. I'll keep you posted on further progress.



What do you mean by: The engine lacks speed? I suppose that it is very powerfull and that is what matters, that it moves the car with ease. Of course, and I am confident that this block is capable to cope with much more than 1000 rpms, this is just a thing of finding the right valve setup and optimising it. But why I ask the speed question is because for example my inline is much stronger on the 1800 rpm cam setting than on 2600+ rpm setting (two chainlinks difference) So the former should be its optimum working setting. Is that not the case with your engines?
So if it is and you get this beautiful v8 to lets say 1500 rpms max, still the optimum setting should be the slower one, so we are back on 1000 rpms but with more power. I would say that in LPE's case the fastest is not the best option.

You are doing some wonderful job there Alex, and please do keep on posting as you progress! Personally (and I think it stands for the rest of the readers as well) I find it very interesting and pleasurable to observe the development of a whole car as it goes.

That's true

That's why i need more speed, because the optimum for this engine is 820 rpms. Which SUCKS! That's why i want more rpms to have a higher optimum rpm level.

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