4 cylinder runs OK

So, after a lot of struggles with the camshaft setups and experiments with flat mounted switches, i finally found a setup that works. The engine runs only 1360 rpms. But it delivers them smoothly, which is what counts. As you can see on the pics, cylinders 1 and 3 have different timings than cylinders 2 and 4. I found through experimentation that this works best. Also, the intake manifold is mounted on top of the switches, so that i can use a central intake for the V8.


So you are going to try out

So you are going to try out the traditional setup, back to the eight valve v8 setup. I am looking forward seeing the results! One thing confuses me a bit, havent you had better results with this valve setup on a earlier inline 4, and whats the difference except of the different timings, is that the reason why this one is slower?

No idea

See, that is the problem. I have no idea whay that engine went 1420 rpms in that session and subsequent engines didn't. Mickyknox and me have come up with some more stuff to try out, before i settle on one setup and build the v8 with it.


I had the same mystery with Opel's inline4, one night I had it running over 2900 rpms some six, seven times in a roll, the valves were advanced further than ever before in corellation to the crank position, and it seemed like I figured it out, I was certain that I will brake the 3000 rpm threshold the next morning and naturally make a movie of it. Here it becomes interesting, I have never again managed to get it over 2800 rpms, I spend days and nights trying every possible thing I could think of, and the mystery is that the cam position from that night never worked again! I am certain how was it positioned, exactly, I even marked it that night. It was depresing to say the least, I even tryed out not to run it for a day so that a lubricant gets "dry".
The mystery is still unsolved. And the engine, like is has a mind of its own. So if you figure something out, it does not matter how insignificant, report it please.
It still bothers me very much, but curently I am working on a new engine project, hopfully I will be able to present it this weekend.


Good Alex

Keep experimenting, you will soon (i hope :D) find the best configuration!

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