Final V8 version

This is the final version of the engine, that will go into the Challenger. Despite my best efforts, i couldn't make it run even as fast as the 4 cylinder. It runs only 1060 rpms on the normal chain setting. For now, i'll stop engine development alltogether and concentrate on the body of the car. I may resume experimenting with the engine in the fall, when/if i get more ideas what to do. Right now my mind is blank. I don't know what else to try. In this setting, the engine runs the best of all of what i tried. And i tried a lot.

As you can see, i also abandoned the idea of a central intake, because i just couldn't fit it. Everything is just too tight.


Still, 1060 rpms is very

Still, 1060 rpms is very nice for a V8 and you did a tidy work with the tubings.

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