Just teasing you.

Yeah. Just to show you that i strated to work on the chassis. It's nothing much. I'm just experimenting a little, the end result may look completly different. The windshield frame is unchanged taken directly from the previous chassis, and i will probably keep it unchanged, together with the roof. I'll keep you posted.


I understand that you are

I understand that you are still experimenting, nevertheless, I like it very much, the middle cage already looks very strong, and especially it is nice to see that the gearbox is not oversized and very nice windshield angles!!!
The challenger will be huge!!! I suppose that at this point of development you have a scale, it looks like 1:5 to me? Impressive!
And do not dare to compromise with nothing Alex, seeing the suspension, gearbox and engine, this model deserves only the best you can come with!!! This will with no doubt be your best model, it is only natural considering the expirience from the previous models and the work you invest in the one in question : )


Well the windshield looks just like the one you made in the first try to build this car.

Will you use studded plates to cover the holes? Or do you plan to make it all just from beams (hope not)

Of course

As i said in the article, the windshield IS the same. I don't think i can improove it any further, so i didn't even bother.

And yes, the outside will be mustang-like, with plates, but better, since i don't plan to make ugly compromises. I'll rather pause construction and order more parts from bricklink.

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