There's so many interesting Lego models on brickshelf, that i decided to make a category for them. Here's the first entry. During my daily brickshelf browsings, i found this.

Aldough i'm opposed to war and military in general, you have to give credit, where credit is due. And this tank is really awesome. Fully r/c controled, it shoots footballs and is able to fully move the turret and cannon, all remotely controlled. Awesome. It's a pitty, that brickshelf doesn't allow to comment stuff.


Good idea

Very good idea, Alex, cant wait to finish my model and upload it on Brickself, maybe it will found its way here.

Indeed, it is a impressive

Indeed, it is a impressive model. Nevertheless I am simply not able to appreciate it because of what it represents, as you have stated Alex, I am as well opposed to war and military in genaral, naturally. Lego is a wonderful toy, I find it quite disturbing to see that certain people focus their talents and what is most unfortunate, their passions in such direction.
A thought crossed my mind when I red your post Alex, which could be interpreted as controversial, when one is not fighting it, one is a part of it.


OK, I its a machine of war. And i have build it. How did it start? I build the tracks first, and made a choise. I'm always trying to find the the extreme things to build. what is possible? In this case, when it is fast, a tank, slow, a building machine (crane). And I like to build what has'nt been build before. So you can ask: "a Tank?"
I'm one of the last people in the Netherlands that had to serve in the army. I was in the Germany on the moment the wall between the east and west was broken down. In my point of view, the best moment in resent history!!
The technique used in a tank was the reason to build it. Not the shooting. The way it moves, that's why i build it. And its shoots footballs for the reason you mention in your command. War is a stupid thing. The coldwar was a stupid thing.
The tanks I worked with in Germany where constructed to destroy other tanks, so let them....


Yeah, that's why i posted it. Because i too am fascinated by tank technology. Welcome to the site and thanks for the cool model.

Thanks for the welcome!

Thanks for the welcome and support.

I entered your side to look for soul mates. What I mean is that on your side there are more Lego builders with the same interests as i have. As a result I landed in a discusion about my own creation, like the person I look for on your side, has landed in on the http://www.lowlug.nl/forum/viewtopic.php?t=3525&postdays=0&postorder=asc... side in my country. Zoli, I think you are a great builder. I think your creations sare Super. The bad reactions of other people are from people that read englisch even worse as I typed this message.
keep on building.........to all the creators on this side.



Why don't you join our forum aswell.




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