Chassis is finally taking on some shape.

Yeah. The unibody is taking shape. The thing you see on the pics is very stiff. Even in its unfinished stage it is rock solid. If compared to the mustang, the whole middle section is basically rigid, despite the missing b billar. The only flexing that can be noticed is in front of the firewall in the engine compartment. But i belive i can fix this too.

Basically all mechanical parts, except the hood and trunk locking and opening mechanisms are attached. The drivertain and suspension are inside, everything is working as planned.

I need to finish the rear end and polish things a little, then i will proceed with the body pannels. I think it's now safe to say, that the car will be ready in the first week of august.


it is taking shape very

:) it is taking shape very quickly! damn, you build fast!
It is very nice to hear that you managed to make the unibody rigid considering the lenghts you have to deal with, I suppose that the roof is playing a big role in the integrity of the chassis, and are you going to have the billar? Personaly, I would like to see the roof as it is covered by a neat single layer of studded panels, it should not be a problem, just insert some of technic studed beams on both ends. I think it would look better, and you would easily achive slight roundness of the roof.
Great Alex, keep on posting!


The roof is indeed a key part. So is the middle tunnel. I do not plan to include a b pillar. There is absolutely no need for it. And i do not plan to studify the roof, sorry.

Yes, and the real challenger

Yes, and the real challenger does not have a b pillar, so it is appropriate. And yes I supposed from the pictures that the midle tunnel makes the difference, especially since you reinforced it with the studded plates, I find that approach a great way to built a firm construction, I used it, was practising that approach for future models on Opel chassis, I will start a new project soon :) the opel will hopefully be restarted in after this one. Mah, I do not know why am I mentioning it here, maybe since your challenger project is inspiring, and I am in a proces of getting some new parts so.....
And really no need to be sorry for not studifing the roof, it is your model afterall, I just mentioned how would I do it :)
I am looking very much forward in seeing the further progres!

Good stuff. I think I too

Good stuff. I think I too personally would stud the roof; purely for consistency with the rest of the car. But I'm sure you know what you're doing :-)

Keep it up.

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