Another rebuild

No pics yet, because i don't have a camera (mom took it on vacation), but i am completly rebuilding the whole car, part by part. The front end is almost done, even stronger and lighter than before. The rest will follow.

I decided to do this once i took detailed measurements of the blueprints mickyknox sent me. And i realized that i need to adjust the proportions so much, that a rebuild will be in order. This will not take too long, since the car already exists, and i can rebuild one side first, and then the other one, keep a comparison, and reuse some of the structure (though except of the front frame rails, which were modified and the firewall, not much is left from the previous front version).

I expect the car to look absolutely fantastic when finished, because it'll have very acurate proportions and roof angles. The angles of the front window frame are the same as the original from the front, side and top. Looks very promising, and flows very nicely into the door shape. The most realistic look of any of my cars to date. Can't wait till it's finished.

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