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Well, since the camera gets back no sooner than the 1st of august, i thought i'd keep you updated on the current progress of the car.

Most of the body is done. Right now, i'm working on the rear quarter pannels. The doors are done, and lock wonderfully tight. The body itself is extremly light and stiff. I completly rebuilt the front suspension bridge, modified the rear a little, adjusted all the proportions, so now they're blueprint correct, even the angles of the roof columns. The front suspension towers have been rebuilt at least a dozen times, before i found a sollution i'm happy with, and now it's time to do all the pannels , hood and trunk, and of course the rear and front finishes.

Before it goes into the car, i will also rebuild the engine. I'm not happy with the curtent setup, so i will see what i will do about it. No idea yet what i'll make. But i think, the car body will shine in all its glory in about 2 weeks. And by then the camera will be there too, so i can show you some pretty pictures.



Yummi! Can't wait.


I finished the drivers side mockup of the rear quarter pannel, and i made the panel for the roof column. Together with the fitted drivers door and finished rocker pannels, and a bit of the front fender in place, the car already looks breathtaking. All the realistic lines and the amazing body shape make it fantastic looking. I am amazed. Looking back at the pictures posted here a coupple of weeks back, before and during i was adjusting the proportions just makes me laugh. The car is also very very stiff, and without the engine it's very light.

Sounds great Alex, keep it

Sounds great Alex, keep it up!

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