Mustang vs. Challenger comparison

I just had to do it. The pictures show just how much i've progressed in model making over the last two years, and it shows the power of the new studless lego. Despite the fact that the challenger is larger than the mustang and far more complex, it is STILL lighter than the mustang.

I think the mustang looks a bit frightened...


It's very nice, however, is

It's very nice, however, is it just a bigger scale then the mustang, or are my eyes acting weird? How do you plan to open and close the hood? Will it have a locking system or... ?


The mustang is a weird scale. No idea if they're the same. Probably not.

The hood locking system is already built in, and works perfectly. It's hidden behind the grille. The opening latch is under the bumper.


I ve been closely observing your work for years already and it is amazing how much you've progressed since the mustang, the challenger is with no doubt the best big scale car I have seen so far. Of course, there is always a way to optimize it further and certain systems can always be done better but all in all it is a impressive model. One needs to try and build such models to fully understand and appreciate the complexity and building skills needed to finish a model like challenger, me personally have never got so far, yet :) I may lack some parts but in no way the inspiration.

One question: That nice pushrod, have you tested it yet, and how it did? And one more: Since the pushrod is much smaller than the old standard V8, I wonder would you have been able to close the hood with the old engine in there, without compromising the proportions? (btw i cannot wait to see the hood :) )


I would have been able to close the hood, but the real issue was the length. But even so, it'd fit, because there's plenty of room. It's just the fact, that i wouldn't be happy. And no, i haven't tested the engine in the car yet. Outside of the car it runs fine.

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