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Well, how about that. That's the first visit of a forum user to the nicjasno mansion. Zblj and me had a great day.

First we tried to run the challenger for the first time, but we only succeeded to brake the driveshaft. So we discovered the problem. The differential needed to be redesigned, so this was the task at hand. Kudos to Zblj, who deserves full credit for the new diff, which incorporates the large studless turntable. Time flied, and me and Zblj had to part.

After Zblj went, i finished redesigning and improoving the rear suspension, and while i was at it i also perfected the front steering geometry and rebuilt the front part of the car behind the grille. Now i'm waiting for 40 pieces of 3x3 nxt connectors so i can redesign the car and make it 1kg lighter.


I am sure Zblj and you had

I am sure Zblj and you had great time and wooha, a turntable sized differential! 40 pieces of 3x3 nxt connectors, I am afraid to ask how much you paid for them, last time I checked they were 4$ a peace, does not matter, the challenger deserves them.
Thanks to you Alex and the data you provided I became obsesed with weight, I weight everything now while rebuilding the bmw, my goal is not to exceed 4 kg, hm I will die trying :)
I have a related question: How much does your V8 weight? And I suppose those wheels are heavy also? I just want to compare it with mine, small cylinder V8 weights ca 400g and the wheels are 100g each.
Btw, the chassis looks really strong, I cannot wit to see the improved lighter version :)


Well, i'm paying 0.51 euros for each 3x3 connector. I'm not mad to pay those ridiculos bricklink prices.

The wheels are quite heavy, yeah, but that's not the big deal. The v8's current weight is 500 gramms, the wheels are 120 each.

Ah, I thought these ones,

Ah, I thought these ones, they are ca 4€ each: Technic Beam 3 x 3 Bent with Pins (55615) I would like some of those very much!
Those ones that you ordered are much cheaper, I got me self also some 50, they are so perfect, one of my favorite parts! --- Therefore they disappeare like crazy: I have some 20 only on my engine :)
Thanks for the info on the weight, I am officially the weight freak now! My V8 is closer to 300 than 400 gramms, not much but it counts, and my wheels are a bit lighter, the tires in fact so I can be optimistic about not exceeding the 4 kg.

I wonder how do you plan to get 1 kg off? Only the chassis or are you going to try to strip off some gramms from the subframes and bodywork?
And one more thing: The differential issue, I should have the same problems you expirienced, so I am eager to see that turntable solution! Do you believe that there is some way to handle the torque with LEGO differential?


Sure, the mustang did it very well. But the challenger has had several issues why this is needed:
weight, soft tires, wheels with bigger diameter.

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