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Just so you know, stuff is happening behind the scenes. I had an outdoor photosession with the challenger and made a lot of beautifull pictures. The car also performed a very successfull test run. And i found out that the gearbox with the lego clutch rings just can't cope with such high torques. The box was constantly jumping out of gear, so i had to hold the gear lever with my hand. The engine has no effort whatsoever pulling the car. We went uphill in second gear, and the engine didn't even slow down.

I will put the pictures online as soon as the problems with the galleries are solved. When i switched the hosting, image uploading suddenly stopped working and we're still investigating why.


Impressive stuff. I look

Impressive stuff. I look forward to the pics and maybe a video.

Uphill, Lovely!!!

Sounds magnificant Alex!!! Finaly something from you and challenger, I was wondering already why such a delay. I hope you will figure out a way to post some pictures soon and make us all very happy and please make many many movies in the next days, since the winter is coming, heh I imagine the winter in slovenia can be mean :wink:
It goes uphill in second you say, impressive, that big cylinders V8 must be very powerfull, cannot wait to see a movie or two!?!
How is the turntable differential holding up?



The diferential took it unimpressed. No issues whatsoever.

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