Dodge Challenger outdoor pictures

Finally. The problems with the gallery are ixed and i was able to upload all those outdoor pics of the challenger that i shot almost 3 weeks ago.

I also bought a new camera, so i will make more pictures of the car in its dissasebled state, showing its skeleton and all the details. Coming soon. Untill then, enjoy those pics.


I have to admit that, I'm

I have to admit that, I'm glad to see those silly looking studless seats gone.

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Nice article.....CAR piece looks impressive , Can you provide me some car lists?
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Excelent work Alex !

Hi Alex !
Impressive work, i absolutely love your design :)
Regarding the engine, are we going to see videos of the monster running ? I'd like to see the performances of pneumatic engines under load, ie carrying the car ;)

Excellent work again !


It looks impressive to say the least, I notice you have striped a lot from the chassis, I have to admit that I am glad to see those silly looking studless seats gone and that I am puzzled on how did you manage to keep the stiffnes, specificly, minimize longitudinal twisting of the chassis with such a 'light' middle tunnel, that roof must be doing wonders.
I am looking forward to some detailed chassis pictures and a movie perhaps, now when you have a brand new camera :wink: And the Turntable differential really looks great, not huge at all.

Great job Alex, overall, the best big scale car there is to my knowledge!

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