Lego nostalgia part 1

Well.... here is a small part of my lego history. I was only able to find a few photos of some of my old models. Remember this is and pre digital cameras. A time where a PC was a rarity and most people had commodore 64s, ataris or spectrums. A time where 5.25" floppies were the norm and a time where most computers didn't even have hard drives. Oh... and no internet of course. That would come into existance a few years later. It was totally different. Those pics are from a time period around 1986-1990 (I was 8-12 years old).

The first models were made from bricks, because i haven't had much technic pieces back then. The blue SUV was however pretty advanced for its time. Built around 89', it had front independent suspension, rear live axle, fully suspended, it had hand of god steering and a 6 cylinder engine. The black truck was heavily inspired by model team technology and was built around 1990.

Sadly back in the day i haven't documented my models, which is a shame, really, because some of them were quite interesting. I'll make sure to document all of my kids creations. ;) Click on the pic, or HERE , to go to the gallery.


project pico?

You can be proud of your childhood models and gratefull that you still have some pictures of them, I suppose they bring up very nice memories.

You mentioned a new car project -codename project pico- ??? Why codenames, maybe you just want to wait and make an announcement once you officially start the project, I am OK with that. On the other hand you could just tell us :)



I'll surprize you with the result. But there will be other stuff to fill the time. First i have to get my hands on a 8275. They bought them all up, the bastards! I only got the 8285 tow truck.

And yes, i'm quite proud of some of the models. particulary the blue suv. It was quite an achievement back in the day.

OK, 'NO' is no problem

Speculation is a dangerous pastime, nevertheless this secrecy of yours is puzzling... Your posts indicate that you need the power functions for the project and it could not be a Challenger type big scale vehicle since it takes months of day and night work to build such a model, unless you have been building it 'secretly' in these past few months... It will have to be something unconvetional, possibly nothing of a type of your previous projects, something smaller perhaps...

I got my 8275 a month ago for 130€ in a toy shop, how much are you willing to give for yours, the ebay and similar online auction stores are full of them and there should be no problem to get it for 120€. Those power functions are magnificant, I would evaluate it as a 'must have it' motorisation pack.
How do like the 8285 from the technical point of view, as I saw on the ratio between and valuability of parts you get for the money you give is satisfactory.



The car will be a sports car, 2/3 the length of the challenger, and very light. It'll have fwd with the PF motors. But the real interesting parts are to be kept secret.

As for the 8275, i have maxed the low limit i've set on my card this month, so i will probably have to wait till january, when the retailers will resupply, and i won't encounter empty shelves.

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