While building the new differential for the challenger (same one as in the mustang), i decided to make some pictures for everybody who would like to know how the insides of the diff look like.

It's heavy duty and was developed to propel the Mustang, powered by the LPEpower V8.

Update: I uploaded better and more pictures to the gallery. Shooting on a dark cloudy diffuse autumn day sucks. There simply isn't enough natural light. And i don't have enough lamps here to make the pics brighter. Sorry.

I have noticed that Brickshelf is not working. The page reports a server error message. Does anybody know anything more specific about this? Is this the end of Brickshelf?

Update: Brickshelf is back and running. Yay! :)

Another status report on the challenger. I made it to the B pillar. What you see is like concrete, compared to the old car that you can see behind, even though the rear end of the car isn't even done yet. HERE is the link to the updated galery.

The challenger rebuild has officially started. The front clip is almost finished and can be seen in THIS gallery. It weighs 950 grams with wheels (but without engine), which is ok. I will have to keep the bodywork very light to meet my weight target. The whole thing is immensly stronger than the liftarm version from the original model. The chassis is 1 stud narrower than the old model, but the engine bay is 1 stud wider. This allows the LPEpower V8 to finally fit into the engine bay. More to come after i get my bricklink orders, since i'm short on some key parts.

The challenger laid dormant for 2 years, now its time to rebuild it. The mustang has received the full rebuilding treatment, now it's the challys turn. All bionicle joints suspension, studded body, lighter, much stronger and ready for spring driving videos. Right now the new front suspension is here and working very well. I'll post pics when i have more to show.

HERE you can see the pics of the now totally rebuilt Mustang.

There's not really much left from the car that was first presented here in 2005. Since the previous rebuilds i completly changed the chassis structure. The chassis is now much lighter and much stiffer as you can see on the pictures. The front suspension has been fully optimized. It's a multilink macpherson setup and is very precise. There is no more wobble or air in the front suspension. Everything is perfectly tight, even under load.

I shot this to demonstrate how the new front axle and steering on the mustang work and to show the dirvetrain with the new differential. The front axle is of course a multilink macpherson setup.

While visiting Ivan from IDIC.at, we decided to drift the mustang in his living room. The powersource is of course the LPEpower V8. Here's the result:

I thought someone might find detailed pictures of how the mustang is put together usefull, so here's a galery full of them. Enjoy.


The mustang handles excellently now, so we gave it a spin in the yard, trying out its cornering capabilities.

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