The front suspension mockup you can see in the pictures i added to the gallery shows the final version of the suspension i will use in the Challenger. Never mind the structure of the "chassis". It's just a quick mockup, to attach the suspension onto something. It has a short upper arm and 2 long lower arms (SLA type) and resembles the original suspension. If i can, i will also include an anti roll bar.

Finally re-added the videos to the page. This time in .flv format,so you can watch them directly on the site. :)

Yes, yes folks somebody broke the rpm barrier with an amazing 2500RPM's! It's ivan with his very nice and compact small-cylinder 4-inline engine.

So... congratulations to Ivan who broke the 2000 RPM barrier.

Enjoy the video of his engine in his brickshelf: Link

Based on the new leaked pictures of the Challenger pre production body, i have decided to re-start the challenger. I will completly rebuild everything. And if it turns out like what i have built in my head, it'll be magnificent. I started work with something simple, the rear suspension. I'll keep you posted.

I'd like to point you to the new [url=]Gallery[/url]. For me, the best part of it is the fact, that because of the way how easy it is to put images in it, i decided to populate the ideas section of it with all the stuff that could possibly be of interest to you. So far only forum users have seen some of the pics - mainly experimental stuff - and now it's available in a simple and transparent way in the gallery.

Check it out.

Old pageOld pageYes. is back. It's 10 years since i started my online presence, and about 6 years since the last style change. The site was also terribly out of date, so it was time for a change.

The new site is still far from finished, but i will quickly go through all the new goodies that are there. Since the site is now managed by a CMS (content management system) software called Drupal, we have a plethora of new functions.

First, the front page will be devoted to articles about lego from around the internet. Consider it a news portal like slashdot.

So please check back later in the week/during the weekend, when the site will start to shine in its new glory.

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