I decided to improove my testbed model, to make it a more efficient machine.
First i made the car 4 studs narrower, then i completly replaced the front suspension for an all bionicle ball joint variant, which is now extremly stiff and precise.

The whole engine bay is of course made to fit the LPEpower V8. The rear axle is a solid axle again, 2 bottom links, 1 upper link, a panhard bar and springs. Same as 2005 when i first made the car, but finally properly executed.

At the end of kockefest, when the visitor crowd cleared there was enough room for some driving. The smooth linoleum floor provided the perfect surface for some drifting action. Unfortunately, the designated driver - Zblj - was able to crash the car. Also, the Challenger had its first drive with the LPEpower inline 3 engine. As you can see in the video, it needed some help, but you must understand that the drivetrain losses were huge and the challenger is a very heavy car. Plus, it has bigger wheels than the mustang. But the inline 3 managed it well after some slight help.

Nicjasno and LPEpower participated on their first public lego exhibition this weekend. It is called "kockefest" and is organized by the slovenian Kockeklub. HERE you can see the gallery of pictures that i took on the event.

During the last week i decided to sort all my parts. You must understand that untill now, i had NO order. I had a desk full of parts and parts in various boxes all mixed up. Finding stuff was getting difficult, and knowing which parts i had and in what quantities was basically impossible.

Therefore i decided to sort everything out. I bought sorting boxes and started sorting. First the brand new unused parts, then the older used parts. Box by box. I have documented all of this for your enjoyment and divided it into three galleries:

This is power without control. The mustang crashed after making a wrong turn. HERE is the gallery of both pics i took from the unfortunate event. All of the Mustang LPEpower V8 driveby videos were made _after_ that crash. The engine that powered it, can of course be bought on LPEpower.

I decided to delete all of the spam bot accounts from the user database in the forum, so untill i do that, i disabled the forum, so that no new posts will get erased when the cleaned database is uploaded. I hope it'll be online by this evening.

update: forums back online. Spam bots deleted. If any legitimate user accounts have been erased, contact me asap.

So, there it is. You can finally buy a perfect LEGO V8. Go and check the new V8 on LPEpower!

In the midst of winter i took the Mustang out for a spin. Yes i still have it assembled. And again it proved to be very usefull. I installed the newest LPEpower engine to test it out and showcase its capabilities.

Keep in mind, that the Mustang weighs 4.2 kgs. The car freewheeled quite a few times when it drove over an ice patch or snow, and there's also two videos of a burnout on ice. More videos on the youtube chanels of LPEpower and nicjasno.

I'm glad to inform you, that LPEpower has new engines. The new SYS 3 Cylinder, developed by Ivan is proving to be a monster. As you can see on the video below, it propells the mustang much faster, than its original V8 engine. Which is awesome all by itself. We were also able to drop prices, because we got discounts on the parts, which is another great thing fo our costumers. Yay!

LPEpower is in full holiday swing. We have 20% off our engines, making the inline 3 176 euros and the inline 4 only 200 euros!!!!

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