It's finally here. The lego pneumatic engine store, LPEpower. It's a collaborative project between me and Ivan. In the beginning we are selling only inline engines, but in the future we will also offer more complicated stuff :) For now, enjoy the store and do buy some engines. I need new tires for my car! :)

It is almost the same engine that ran 1940 rpms. The difference here is not in the engine itself, but in the compressor and piping leading to the engine.

I fixed the leaks in the tubing and gained 200 rpms in the process. Engine now runs at 1940rpms. Now is the time to change the switches. Will keep you posted with more V6 goodness.

Some new V6 development news. The engine here runs bad. I had a V6 already running 1920rpms, but then i made a different air intake, and i belive it has some leaks, which make the engine run slower. Also, the switches leak badly, but they're good enough for about 2000 rpms once the leaks in the air distribution will be sealed. After the leaks are debuged, the engine will receive masterfully modified switches. (Thanks Ivan). With the switches it should hit 4000+ rpms. I'll keep you posted.
Video below the JUMP

Well, i thought i'll go ahead and post a few more pics of th pickup truck progress. Here you can see how far it's progressed. Just for comparison, i put the V6 on its bed:)

I decided that i need a break from engine design for a litle while, so i started on a small pickup chassis, which may become a van, or something entirely different. Here is the gallery with the first pics of the bare chassis and gearbox/engine assembly. It has front independent suspension and a 4 link rear live axle.

Somebody had too much time on their hands. Very nice and fairly complex walker model. Via Gizmodo

The V8 is officially dead. Here's the first bits of the v6 development. I made a video of how smooth the mechanicals of the new engine turn. The switches and cilynders have been removed, so i can fix some leaks and fine tune all the piping.

Member and fellow engine developer Ivan Has made a big cilynder V6 engine which goes 3200 rpms. I'll let the video speak for itself.

Update: according to Ivan, the engine now runs 3680 rpms after he played with the timings.

Here you can find pics of the new V8 in development. The block is a finished product, the switching mechanism however is not at all. I'm experimenting with different approaches to see what works best.

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