Yup. I haven't got much to say about this. But here's a few cool links. A time table of the development of lego. And Here is the gizmodo article with some curiosities and little known facts. Enjoy.

DSC00388.JPGOk. I bought this set for christmas. It was 99€ in toys'r us, so i just couldn't resist. Initially i wanted to buy the 8275 bulldozer set AND this. But the dozer was not available anywhere anymore.

Another nice brickeshelf find. Again, from our friend Corrado, who already brought us the 72' Plymouth GTX. This time he's bringing us another mopar product. A weird one.

Here is part 2 of my nostalgia journey. The time period is about the same, 1987-1990. I found these pictures a few weeks ago when browsing through some of my dad's old photo archives. I totally forgot i was so into sailing boats at the time. Maby i can find some pics of the real detailed one i made for part 3 of this series.

Happy new year from the nicjasno.com team! I hope you transitioned well. I heard rumors, that 2008 will be a great year for new ideas and opportunities, so lets grab it by the horns.

Oh and btw, expect my review of the 8285 tow truck in the next day or 2.

Sorry, but the update won't be completed by tomorrow. Therefore I placed the old forums back. The reason is that my mum organized a trip to some family tomorrow, so I won't be on the web long enough to complete it.

Sorry for the inconvenience, more info will come in a few days.

Well.... here is a small part of my lego history. I was only able to find a few photos of some of my old models. Remember this is pre-nicjasno.com and pre digital cameras. A time where a PC was a rarity and most people had commodore 64s, ataris or spectrums. A time where 5.25" floppies were the norm and a time where most computers didn't even have hard drives. Oh...

The forum will be down from now to approximately Sunday 17:00 GMT. This is due to a major upgrade from phpBB 2.2 to the newest version phpBB 3.0 . This will prevent spambots from registering and it will add many new features. Untill then enjoy the site and/or comments of this article.

During the weekend i will post an article about some of my eary lego expiriences, together with some of the photos that i was able to find.

And with 2 weeks till christmas, i'm asking the question, Lego or no Lego?

I finally took the time to shoot the challenger in more details. Here are the pics of todays photosession. If you have any comments, and especially requests for more images of some specific area, say so quickly, because i'm going to assemble it again later today.

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