...but i made some more progress on the car. Just thought to let you know. I think it is starting to look VERY sexy.

Lego was Founded in 1932 by carpenter Ole Kirk Christiansen from Billund, Denmark. At first he didn't produce our belowed bricks but made wooden toys. The company began making the interlocking bricks that we know and love no sooner than in 1949. But that was not it. The final design of the brick emerged in 1958, and it took them another 5 years to find the proper materials, that would be suited for production of the bricks.

So, again, happy birthday, LEGO!

Original article on Gizmodo

I am still experimenting with what looks ok and what not, but the car is definetly getting some recognizable features. I'll have to order some more parts from bricklink though, because yellow 1x3 and 2x4 plates run out fast.

So i did it. It struck me a few days ago, and i got rid of the double cam setup, and the complicated tubing and everything, and went for this. I liked how the camshaft turns so easily, and i like the simplicity. This engine ran effortlessly to 1040 rpms on the absolute first try. The version on these pics is a slightly modified version which should run a coupple of rpms more.

The reason i went for this is more power and a much smaller size. I think i succeeded in both, and also, the engine is more responsive. And another good thing, i need only 1 chain, and no chain tensioners. Just like it should be.

For your enjoyment, a few intentionally dirty pics of the current state of the challenger.

Well, since the camera gets back no sooner than the 1st of august, i thought i'd keep you updated on the current progress of the car.

Most of the body is done. Right now, i'm working on the rear quarter pannels. The doors are done, and lock wonderfully tight. The body itself is extremly light and stiff. I completly rebuilt the front suspension bridge, modified the rear a little, adjusted all the proportions, so now they're blueprint correct, even the angles of the roof columns. The front suspension towers have been rebuilt at least a dozen times, before i found a sollution i'm happy with, and now it's time to do all the pannels , hood and trunk, and of course the rear and front finishes.

I was just watching the video from the previous post when I noticed something else... A Lego Aircraft Carrier. And no, not just an Aircraft carrier, a very big one. Very big. With it's 200.000+ bricks it's not too hard to imagine that this massive thing weighs around 250 pounds! Anyway, all the credit for this awesome building goes to Malle Hawking.

[url=http://www.megabunny.com/massive-lego-aircraft-carrier/]Here you can find some interesting text and explanation.[/url]
[url=http://gizmodo.com/gadgets/poseidon.s-lego-set/lego-aircraft-carrier-has-small-gravitational-pull-279074.php]The original gizmodo article[/url]
[url=http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=201003]Pictures on brickshelf[/url]

Here is an interesting article on Gizmodo, about a nice little lego creation we can use every morning to mix the morning coffee. I just wonder, how he gets the magnet out of the cup afterwards....

Kevin Loch, the owner of brickshelf just made the following statement, regarding the future of the best LEGO online picture gallery ever.

No pics yet, because i don't have a camera (mom took it on vacation), but i am completly rebuilding the whole car, part by part. The front end is almost done, even stronger and lighter than before. The rest will follow.

I decided to do this once i took detailed measurements of the blueprints mickyknox sent me. And i realized that i need to adjust the proportions so much, that a rebuild will be in order. This will not take too long, since the car already exists, and i can rebuild one side first, and then the other one, keep a comparison, and reuse some of the structure (though except of the front frame rails, which were modified and the firewall, not much is left from the previous front version).

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