Our favourite source of Lego inspiration, Brickshelf is down. The reasons for this are still unknown. In the forum, we speculated that the possible scenarios are:
1) Brickshelf has closed down and will stay that way
2) It has been hacked
3) This is just server/software maintainance

Whatever the reason, i sincerely hope that brickshelf will return.


Apparently, the owners of peeron are negotiating with Kevin, the current owner of brickshelf, to take over bussiness. It was intentionally shut down.

Yeah. The unibody is taking shape. The thing you see on the pics is very stiff. Even in its unfinished stage it is rock solid. If compared to the mustang, the whole middle section is basically rigid, despite the missing b billar. The only flexing that can be noticed is in front of the firewall in the engine compartment. But i belive i can fix this too.

Basically all mechanical parts, except the hood and trunk locking and opening mechanisms are attached. The drivertain and suspension are inside, everything is working as planned.

I need to finish the rear end and polish things a little, then i will proceed with the body pannels. I think it's now safe to say, that the car will be ready in the first week of august.

Well, the challenger is standing on its 4 wheels. Entering a painstaking period of tweaking the proportions, before i'll start making anything resembeling the final chassis. I'm not happy with the proportions of the thing on the pics, so much tweaking will need to be done.

There's so many interesting Lego models on brickshelf, that i decided to make a category for them. Here's the first entry. During my daily brickshelf browsings, i found this.

Aldough i'm opposed to war and military in general, you have to give credit, where credit is due. And this tank is really awesome. Fully r/c controled, it shoots footballs and is able to fully move the turret and cannon, all remotely controlled. Awesome. It's a pitty, that brickshelf doesn't allow to comment stuff.

The challenger front is progressing nicely. What you see on these pictures is extremly stiff. Especially considering how feather light it is and how simple it is. I used as little parts as possible. The entire firewall is made out of plates, which are the key to the strength. Also, the gearbox tunnel will be made out of plates. They add a rigidity to the structure that just can't be achieved otherwise.

Yeah. Just to show you that i strated to work on the chassis. It's nothing much. I'm just experimenting a little, the end result may look completly different. The windshield frame is unchanged taken directly from the previous chassis, and i will probably keep it unchanged, together with the roof. I'll keep you posted.

This is the final version of the engine, that will go into the Challenger. Despite my best efforts, i couldn't make it run even as fast as the 4 cylinder. It runs only 1060 rpms on the normal chain setting. For now, i'll stop engine development alltogether and concentrate on the body of the car. I may resume experimenting with the engine in the fall, when/if i get more ideas what to do. Right now my mind is blank. I don't know what else to try. In this setting, the engine runs the best of all of what i tried. And i tried a lot.

As you can see, i also abandoned the idea of a central intake, because i just couldn't fit it. Everything is just too tight.

So, after a lot of struggles with the camshaft setups and experiments with flat mounted switches, i finally found a setup that works. The engine runs only 1360 rpms. But it delivers them smoothly, which is what counts. As you can see on the pics, cylinders 1 and 3 have different timings than cylinders 2 and 4. I found through experimentation that this works best. Also, the intake manifold is mounted on top of the switches, so that i can use a central intake for the V8.

I assembled something resembling a chassis, so i was able to fit the gearbox and driveshaft in between the front and rear axle module. Tested it with the engine.

Resume: I need a new differential. The force of the engine tore it apart. So i've built a new one today, which is even better than the one on the pics here. And it's able to take the force without problem. The gearbox works flawlesly. Engine lacks speed. But that's no news to our regular readers. I'll keep you posted on further progress.

So, the HEMI is not one of the fastest engines i've ever built, but it sure is the most powerfull one. I will put its power to the test tomorrow. So far the engine produces 1020 very smooth and powerfull rpms. I'm very sad though that it doesn't go any faster, despite everything running extremly smooth and easy and the engine being extremly stiff. It's like a solid block.

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