Yeah. I finished the HEMI prototype. I just gave it a quick run with 2 lego air tanks, to see if it's ok. Seems fine. Tomorow morning i'll give it the first test run to see how it goes.

Why HEMI? The original engine has hemispherical combustion chambers. Well... in lego we don't have combustion chambers, but the switches have a bionicle ball joint attached to them, and thus, the name HEMI is fully justified :)

I fitted the engine into the suspension, to see how it all lines up. At the same time i checked the ground clearances and other necessary stuff. Looks petty good so far.

I started development of the engine. I think this is the best V engine block i've made to date. It is 2 studs longer than the engine from the mustang. It has no valve system yet, but that will soon change. I'll keep you posted.

Gearbox is almost done. Works very nicely and is 6 studs wide. I't's 5 stud around the center, but i had to add a stud more to the drivers side, to acomodate the shifting mechanism. See for yourself in the galery.

I recently came across this image, and remembered Alex told me this before. I thought let's share it with you guys.

It's an external harddisk made by Lacie, in the shape of the lego bricks. If you have several, you can stack them together. Though the price is a little bit higher then normal, The prices vary from $89.99 to $189.99. Despite that you can choose from three different colors: white, red and blue.

More information, visit the website:
Portable version and the Desktop version

Just made an experimental 3 speed gearbox for the challenger!!! I went for realism, so the basic setup of this is like in a real gearbox. I had to modify the 20 tooth gears, so i could insert a clutch gear into each. Now i need to make a shifting mechanism for it and it is ready for action :)

Well, a company named ZIP ZIP finally made a lego usb brick in the form of a 2x4 brick. It's 1GB big, but wears a hefty pricetag of aus $59 (roughly $49 us bucks). I'll rather make my own, just like Brett.

Original Gizmodo article...

I just had to do it. I "joined" the front and rear suspension, to check ground clearance, driveshaft position, wheel alignment, steering angle and stuff like that. I'm pretty pleased with the result so far. Here you can see what is built so far.

The rear suspension is in its almost final form. I will probably have to do minor alterations once i start to make the body, so it'll attach nicely. Till then enjoy tyhe pics.

I added some pics of my multilink rear suspension experiments to the gallery. There are 2 versions of the suspension in it, however right now i'm working on version number 3, removing a lot of the flaws of the first two.

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