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Somebody had too much time on their hands. Very nice and fairly complex walker model. Via Gizmodo

Gizmodo has another nice article about LEGO, accompanied by a nice promotional video. Go and see it. It also contains a list of 229 (weird number, huh) best sets lego ever made. I do not agree with some of the technic choices, but i guess this is a matter of personal opinion.

Yup. I haven't got much to say about this. But here's a few cool links. A time table of the development of lego. And Here is the gizmodo article with some curiosities and little known facts. Enjoy.

Lego was Founded in 1932 by carpenter Ole Kirk Christiansen from Billund, Denmark. At first he didn't produce our belowed bricks but made wooden toys. The company began making the interlocking bricks that we know and love no sooner than in 1949. But that was not it. The final design of the brick emerged in 1958, and it took them another 5 years to find the proper materials, that would be suited for production of the bricks.

So, again, happy birthday, LEGO!

Original article on Gizmodo

Here is an interesting article on Gizmodo, about a nice little lego creation we can use every morning to mix the morning coffee. I just wonder, how he gets the magnet out of the cup afterwards....

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