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I shot this to demonstrate how the new front axle and steering on the mustang work and to show the dirvetrain with the new differential. The front axle is of course a multilink macpherson setup.

While visiting Ivan from, we decided to drift the mustang in his living room. The powersource is of course the LPEpower V8. Here's the result:

I thought someone might find detailed pictures of how the mustang is put together usefull, so here's a galery full of them. Enjoy.


I decided to improove my testbed model, to make it a more efficient machine.
First i made the car 4 studs narrower, then i completly replaced the front suspension for an all bionicle ball joint variant, which is now extremly stiff and precise.

The whole engine bay is of course made to fit the LPEpower V8. The rear axle is a solid axle again, 2 bottom links, 1 upper link, a panhard bar and springs. Same as 2005 when i first made the car, but finally properly executed.

This is power without control. The mustang crashed after making a wrong turn. HERE is the gallery of both pics i took from the unfortunate event. All of the Mustang LPEpower V8 driveby videos were made _after_ that crash. The engine that powered it, can of course be bought on LPEpower.

Well, i thought i'll go ahead and post a few more pics of th pickup truck progress. Here you can see how far it's progressed. Just for comparison, i put the V6 on its bed:)

I decided that i need a break from engine design for a litle while, so i started on a small pickup chassis, which may become a van, or something entirely different. Here is the gallery with the first pics of the bare chassis and gearbox/engine assembly. It has front independent suspension and a 4 link rear live axle.

Sorry, but the update won't be completed by tomorrow. Therefore I placed the old forums back. The reason is that my mum organized a trip to some family tomorrow, so I won't be on the web long enough to complete it.

Sorry for the inconvenience, more info will come in a few days.

The forum will be down from now to approximately Sunday 17:00 GMT. This is due to a major upgrade from phpBB 2.2 to the newest version phpBB 3.0 . This will prevent spambots from registering and it will add many new features. Untill then enjoy the site and/or comments of this article.

During the weekend i will post an article about some of my eary lego expiriences, together with some of the photos that i was able to find.

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