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This is power without control. The mustang crashed after making a wrong turn. HERE is the gallery of both pics i took from the unfortunate event. All of the Mustang LPEpower V8 driveby videos were made _after_ that crash. The engine that powered it, can of course be bought on LPEpower.

It's finally here. The lego pneumatic engine store, LPEpower. It's a collaborative project between me and Ivan. In the beginning we are selling only inline engines, but in the future we will also offer more complicated stuff :) For now, enjoy the store and do buy some engines. I need new tires for my car! :)

Here you can find pics of the new V8 in development. The block is a finished product, the switching mechanism however is not at all. I'm experimenting with different approaches to see what works best.

Here is the link to some pictures of the small cilynder inline engine, showing the scotch yoke switch mechanism. I will run the engine tomorrow a bit more and see what i can get out of it, before abandoning it. Small cilynder engines have not enough power. :(

Sorry, but the update won't be completed by tomorrow. Therefore I placed the old forums back. The reason is that my mum organized a trip to some family tomorrow, so I won't be on the web long enough to complete it.

Sorry for the inconvenience, more info will come in a few days.

I finally took the time to shoot the challenger in more details. Here are the pics of todays photosession. If you have any comments, and especially requests for more images of some specific area, say so quickly, because i'm going to assemble it again later today.

Lacie Lego Harddisk
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