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The challenger suspension is excellent atm, however there's one tiny problem. In order to get the rear suspension aligned with the rear fenders properly, i will have to offset it somehow by half a stud to either front or back. You can see it in the pictures how its either too close or too far away from the bodywork. I'll keep you posted.


I thought i'd post some last updates from 2009. The front end is almost done. I only need to rebuild the steering rack once more, to get rid of some annoyances and make it less parts consuming. Untill then, enjoy.

Link to gallery

Another status report on the challenger. I made it to the B pillar. What you see is like concrete, compared to the old car that you can see behind, even though the rear end of the car isn't even done yet. HERE is the link to the updated galery.

The challenger rebuild has officially started. The front clip is almost finished and can be seen in THIS gallery. It weighs 950 grams with wheels (but without engine), which is ok. I will have to keep the bodywork very light to meet my weight target. The whole thing is immensly stronger than the liftarm version from the original model. The chassis is 1 stud narrower than the old model, but the engine bay is 1 stud wider. This allows the LPEpower V8 to finally fit into the engine bay. More to come after i get my bricklink orders, since i'm short on some key parts.

The challenger laid dormant for 2 years, now its time to rebuild it. The mustang has received the full rebuilding treatment, now it's the challys turn. All bionicle joints suspension, studded body, lighter, much stronger and ready for spring driving videos. Right now the new front suspension is here and working very well. I'll post pics when i have more to show.

I finally took the time to shoot the challenger in more details. Here are the pics of todays photosession. If you have any comments, and especially requests for more images of some specific area, say so quickly, because i'm going to assemble it again later today.

Finally. The problems with the gallery are ixed and i was able to upload all those outdoor pics of the challenger that i shot almost 3 weeks ago.

I also bought a new camera, so i will make more pictures of the car in its dissasebled state, showing its skeleton and all the details. Coming soon. Untill then, enjoy those pics.

Sorry, no pics yet, but the diet was very successfull for me and the challenger :) I dropped 4 kgs, the challenger is 0.5kgs lighter. Basically i slimmed it down for the weight of the engine, which is about half a kilo as well. When i get the shipment of 3x3 connectors, i belive i can reduce the weight even further.

Ivan brought an interesting issue on hand, and i decided to investigate. Here it is (all measurements taken in gramms):
Front fenders: 150 each
Door panels: 140 each
Rear quarters: 200 each
Front clip: 300

Car is officially done. Today i shot just some quick and dirty pics to please you, my dear viewers, who were waiting for this moment since may 2006. The official much better quality pics will be shot on saturday, including some movies of the test run.

Just some quick data. First the data from the mustang for comparison:

2005 LEGO Ford Mustang - weight 4.8kg , width/height/length (cm) 31/23/67
2008 LEGO Dodge Challenger - weight 5.7kg , width/height/length (cm) 33.5/22/82

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