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I just had to do it. The pictures show just how much i've progressed in model making over the last two years, and it shows the power of the new studless lego. Despite the fact that the challenger is larger than the mustang and far more complex, it is STILL lighter than the mustang.

I think the mustang looks a bit frightened...

...but i made some more progress on the car. Just thought to let you know. I think it is starting to look VERY sexy.

I am still experimenting with what looks ok and what not, but the car is definetly getting some recognizable features. I'll have to order some more parts from bricklink though, because yellow 1x3 and 2x4 plates run out fast.

For your enjoyment, a few intentionally dirty pics of the current state of the challenger.

Well, since the camera gets back no sooner than the 1st of august, i thought i'd keep you updated on the current progress of the car.

Most of the body is done. Right now, i'm working on the rear quarter pannels. The doors are done, and lock wonderfully tight. The body itself is extremly light and stiff. I completly rebuilt the front suspension bridge, modified the rear a little, adjusted all the proportions, so now they're blueprint correct, even the angles of the roof columns. The front suspension towers have been rebuilt at least a dozen times, before i found a sollution i'm happy with, and now it's time to do all the pannels , hood and trunk, and of course the rear and front finishes.

No pics yet, because i don't have a camera (mom took it on vacation), but i am completly rebuilding the whole car, part by part. The front end is almost done, even stronger and lighter than before. The rest will follow.

I decided to do this once i took detailed measurements of the blueprints mickyknox sent me. And i realized that i need to adjust the proportions so much, that a rebuild will be in order. This will not take too long, since the car already exists, and i can rebuild one side first, and then the other one, keep a comparison, and reuse some of the structure (though except of the front frame rails, which were modified and the firewall, not much is left from the previous front version).

Yeah. The unibody is taking shape. The thing you see on the pics is very stiff. Even in its unfinished stage it is rock solid. If compared to the mustang, the whole middle section is basically rigid, despite the missing b billar. The only flexing that can be noticed is in front of the firewall in the engine compartment. But i belive i can fix this too.

Basically all mechanical parts, except the hood and trunk locking and opening mechanisms are attached. The drivertain and suspension are inside, everything is working as planned.

I need to finish the rear end and polish things a little, then i will proceed with the body pannels. I think it's now safe to say, that the car will be ready in the first week of august.

Well, the challenger is standing on its 4 wheels. Entering a painstaking period of tweaking the proportions, before i'll start making anything resembeling the final chassis. I'm not happy with the proportions of the thing on the pics, so much tweaking will need to be done.

The challenger front is progressing nicely. What you see on these pictures is extremly stiff. Especially considering how feather light it is and how simple it is. I used as little parts as possible. The entire firewall is made out of plates, which are the key to the strength. Also, the gearbox tunnel will be made out of plates. They add a rigidity to the structure that just can't be achieved otherwise.

Yeah. Just to show you that i strated to work on the chassis. It's nothing much. I'm just experimenting a little, the end result may look completly different. The windshield frame is unchanged taken directly from the previous chassis, and i will probably keep it unchanged, together with the roof. I'll keep you posted.

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