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I have noticed that Brickshelf is not working. The page reports a server error message. Does anybody know anything more specific about this? Is this the end of Brickshelf?

Update: Brickshelf is back and running. Yay! :)

Another nice brickeshelf find. Again, from our friend Corrado, who already brought us the 72' Plymouth GTX. This time he's bringing us another mopar product. A weird one.

What a find. The model is so simple it hurts, yet it looks fantastic. Sometimes i really love such looker models. I think it's just perfect. The 79' Camaro was the epitome of the malaise era muscle cars, with their 150 horsepower V8s and horrible build quality.

When browsing through brickshelf again, i found this model of a black 1971 Plymouth GTX. There is no doubt in my mind, that this model is heavily influenced by my own 1972 Dodge Charger.

I was just watching the video from the previous post when I noticed something else... A Lego Aircraft Carrier. And no, not just an Aircraft carrier, a very big one. Very big. With it's 200.000+ bricks it's not too hard to imagine that this massive thing weighs around 250 pounds! Anyway, all the credit for this awesome building goes to Malle Hawking.

[url=]Here you can find some interesting text and explanation.[/url]
[url=]The original gizmodo article[/url]
[url=]Pictures on brickshelf[/url]

Kevin Loch, the owner of brickshelf just made the following statement, regarding the future of the best LEGO online picture gallery ever.

Our favourite source of Lego inspiration, Brickshelf is down. The reasons for this are still unknown. In the forum, we speculated that the possible scenarios are:
1) Brickshelf has closed down and will stay that way
2) It has been hacked
3) This is just server/software maintainance

Whatever the reason, i sincerely hope that brickshelf will return.


Apparently, the owners of peeron are negotiating with Kevin, the current owner of brickshelf, to take over bussiness. It was intentionally shut down.

There's so many interesting Lego models on brickshelf, that i decided to make a category for them. Here's the first entry. During my daily brickshelf browsings, i found this.

Aldough i'm opposed to war and military in general, you have to give credit, where credit is due. And this tank is really awesome. Fully r/c controled, it shoots footballs and is able to fully move the turret and cannon, all remotely controlled. Awesome. It's a pitty, that brickshelf doesn't allow to comment stuff.

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